Strategy Guides: still useful? or just a collector’s Item?

IMG_20150226_153524“Back in the day”, if you were stuck on a game you had to get a strategy guide. It was your only source of information on the game, besides the manual and word of mouth, oh and magazines too… Ok so you had a few options but if you wanted specific information about a specific game, strategy guides were your best bet.  Today you can find all this information on the internet… for free.  Because of that, strategy guides have become collectors items.  I have a couple.  I got my Kingdom Hearts book a few months ago because i saw it and wanted it, just because I’m a huge fan.

So what do you think? Strategy guides still useful or just collectors items?



[#2 ] Sal Val finds

Didn’t find anything on my latest trip to the Sal val, however I did see this weird Game Kit box. It included a joystick and a game pad controller, also two pc games: The Need For Speed and US Navy Fighter… something.  Cool because its weird and unique but not worth it for me.  I almost bought it because it was only 3 bucks but then i realized I’d mess with it when i got home but then it would live the rest of its days on my shelf… The controllers had serial end on them too, so I couldn’t use them.

Only other thing worth mentioning was a PS1 long box sports game.


Bethesda at E3- Fallout 4 please!

So Bethesda, probably my favorite game dev company, announced it would be hosting its own E3 event this year. This means they’ve gotta have something big to announce, or a lot of smaller things.  My first thought was Fallout 4. I’m really hoping to see some official word from them about the game.  A teaser trailer would be nice.

Remember when they announced Skyrim and then that it wouldn’t be releasing until 11-11-11, a whole year later? I’m predicting something similar for Fallout 4, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high.

Some other things could be announced also, such as Dishonored 2, which I would be really excited about, maybe something about Doom, or another Rage. Possibly a new IP….

Were hoping for Fallout 4 here.


Short Reviews

From now on I will try to write a short review of any game i finish.  I’ll keep a notebook to write down my thoughts because I know I’ll forget by the time i finish a game.  I tend to take a long time to finish because I only get to play games a few hours a day. I’m just too busy.

[#1 ] Sal Val finds


Going to the sal val today was a good idea. Among the tons of old sports games nobody wants anymore were 3 real games: Rainbow Six, Spec-Ops: Covert Assult, and The Italian Job.  I also found the diablo II expansion: Lord of Destruction with the play disc for the base game inside instead, and a sealed brand new copy of the Oblivion expansion: Knights of the Nine!

Pretty good day for game hunting.

For more thrift store game hunting, I highly recommend Lazy Game Revew’s “LGR Thrifts” series on youtube.

 Also Pat The NES Punk’s Flea “Market Madness”