[#3 ] Sal Val Finds

Sorry for the lack of posts. I decided to sum up my last few thrift store outings in one post. I know I already showed those 3 ps1 games, I forgot and I’m too lazy to take another picture.


Probably the biggest bargain I got was season one of the Big Bang Theory. Its complete and looks brand new. I only payed $3.99! I’m such a huge fan of Frankenstein, I had to get the vhs. Sudeki was a game I saw there a few times and nobody picked it up so i decided to give it a try. Its a pretty fun game that’s a Jrpg even though it was made in the UK. I’ve seen worse pc ports. It was a pain to install like most older pc games and it severely needs controller support. I’d recommend getting the steam version if you want to play it. I also got Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and 4 on this weird combo pack. I haven’t tried it out yet. Last but not least I picked up a PS1 at a goodwill for 5 bucks! I’ve always wanted one but couldn’t justify buying it because ive got my ps2 and ps3 that play ps1 games. When i saw it for 10 bucks during a half off sale I couldn’t resist.



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