[Review] Fallout 3

 Retro Future

Fallout 3 was the first fallout game I played, and I was immediately sucked in. The game is huge with lots to do and the freedom to do it the way you want to.

Lets Get Started

The game takes place in the remains of the nation’s capital after a nuclear holocaust. I describe the style as if the U.S. never advanced past the 50s socially but technologically advanced much past what we have in real life. It’s “Retro-future”. The computer terminals look like they run MS-DOS but everything is nuclear powered, and there are robots called “Mr. Handy” floating around with very intelligent AI. I like it a lot.

You start out being born in an underground vault and spend the first few hours growing up and building a relationship with your father. Once you become an adult, you learn that your dad left but you don’t really know why. So you get into a fight with the asshole overseer, who is the father of a girl you grew up with and kinda have feelings for, and then you head out on your own.

Leaving vault 101 for the first time is something you’ll never forget!

The main story has you track down your dad and find out why he left you and the vault, but there’s so much more to the game than that. It’s an open world RPG so you have the freedom to do whatever you want. you can live another life in fallout 3’s world. There’s also tons of side missions to keep you busy, plus 5 DLC quests. The DLCs have you fight communist china in Alaska, travel to the remains of Pittsburgh, trudge through murky swampland in Maryland, take a ride in a space ship, and put an end to the enclave remnants.


Its a first person shooter but using vats brings an element of strategy to the combat. Just pick a body part and pull the trigger.

When you level up, you get to assign points into skills of your choice, so you can build your character the way you want. Every other level lets you pick a perk, which are little additions that let you do certain things, or be better at them. For example, the “Grim Reaper’s sprint” perk restores all of your action points if you get a kill in VATS- Probably my favorite perk.

You can bring along a friend in the form of a companion, who usually ends up being an extra gun in combat and a pack mule, hulling around all of your junk you can’t carry yourself.

Other Thoughts

The game and dialog are written well. There’s lots of interesting and memorable characters, and there are many dialog options, including different ways to persuade people’s decisions or opinions based on your associated skill level.


Its easy to get lost in the world and the story you carve out for your character. The Capital wasteland is a vast and desolate place. It’s just begging to be explored. This is a game you crawl into and next thing you know, a month has gone by.

Do yourself a favor and give this game a try.
Prepare for the future.



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