[Review] F-Zero X

3.. 2.. 1.. GO!!!

F-Zero X. I spent more time with this game as a kid than any other game on my N64. It’s a futuristic hover craft racing game that came out in 1998 and was developed by Nintendo’s EAD division. F Zero X is the third game released in the F-zero series and was the first to take the leap into 3D graphics. Much like The Legend of Zelda, and also Castlevania.


Let’s Get Started

The graphics are simple compared to today’s standards but the game looks really good and runs super smooth. It manages to run at a constant 60 frames per second. Which is very impressive given the amount of objects on the screen at all times. I’ve never seen the game slow down, even with all 30 racers on screen.

There are 5 race modes and also the options. Time attack lets you race against the clock, Verses battle lets you race against up to 4friends, and practice lets you practice the tracks. In GP Race mode, you compete in a series of races, tournament style for each cup. If you get first place in the end you win the cup and move on to the next one to technically beat the game.But in order to beat the whole game you have to beat each cup on all the difficulties. Once you do that you will unlock the final cup called the X cup.

Once you pick your cup, its time to choose your machine. Each of the 30 racers have a unique machine and picture. The pictures of the racers are cool and have a sci-fi comic book feel to them. Each machine also has three stats: Body, Boost, and Grip.
Body is how much energy you have, boost is the amount of boost in speed you get when you have boost power, and grip is how much you grip the track. Pretty self explanatory.
After you choose your machine you can adjust a slider that will either give you more acceleration or a higher max speed. If you choose more of one you loose some of the other.

You’ve Got Boost Power!

Finally its time to race! Some tracks let you go up to 1000 some km/h which is wickked fast! and the game gives you that sense of speed while your zooming around the crazy twists and turns in the beautifully designed tracks. You could find yourself flipping twisting and turning and then realizing you can see the part of the track you were just on.

After the first lap, you gain boost power! Now you can press B to gain some extra speed, but it drains some of your energy. When your energy bar drains to zero or you fall off the track, you will die, lose a life, and have to restart the race. Also, there are yellow arrows on the track that if you fly over them you get a boost in speed without draining your energy. You can regain energy in one of the pink areas of the track. Each track has at least one of these areas. As the tracks get harder, the pink areas get smaller and smaller.

In death race mode, you are on a looping track with the 30 other racers and the only goal is to be the last one standing. You can either knock people off the track or do enough damage to them that they blow up. I’ve never finished a death race because… I’m not very good at it.

The Music

One last thing i want to talk about is the music. Ohhhh the music. I couldn’t think of any other type of music that fits this game. Its straight up 80s metal. Super fast double bass drums with screaming guitar melodies that you find yourself humming along to and getting stuck in your head. It all ads to that sense of speed and adrenaline rush the game gives you. Its a big part of why I love this game so much. The music was so good that they released a soundtrack CD and also a guitar arranged Edition. Which is pretty cool, but I feel like they could have done a better job… I think FamilyJules7x has done the best real instrument version of some of the songs.


The game gets pretty challenging later on. Especially in the higher leagues on higher difficulties. You really have to concentrate and memorize each of the tracks to drive the fastest way around them. You gotta know every turn, when to break, where each of the yellow arrows are and also not crash and die! Its a great game. Tons of fun and I’ve found myself coming back to it every now and again when I feel like some fast paced futuristic racing action. I still have not beaten the entire game yet, but, maybe some day I will… Go play it!


*This review and video was made in 2013 on an old account.


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