[Review] Kingdom Hearts II



It’s Time To Save The World, Again

Kingdom Hearts II is the second game that continues the epicness of what happened when you combine Disney with final fantasy. Get ready for another magical adventure seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends. Its time to save the world, again.

Let’s Get Started

You start off playing as Roxas, a young kid who resembles Sora, on his summer vacation. Its a bit of a slow start to the game, Doing errands and preparing for the big struggle tournament. But eventually you find Sora and then he takes over from there. This is where the game really starts in my opinion.

Anyways, the game follows the familiar formula of visiting worlds, killing heartless and the new nobodies, sealing the keyhole and moving on to the next world. You repeat this until you get to the last world and fight the final boss. Not very exciting when I put it that way but believe me the game has plenty of exciting parts.

If I could describe this game in one word it would be streamlined. everything about the game has been streamlined. The devs worked out all the kinks from the first game and made it overall easier to play. But I don’t mean the difficulty, rather, playability. It just plays really well.


The addition of quick time events with the triangle button will annoy some people but I didn’t mind it. I like QTE’s when they are well placed and not distracting. Instead of navigating the command menu, the triangle button is used to perform most actions. Like talking, saving, and other things.

Combat and boss battles are the best parts of the game. Combat is super smooth and very engaging. THIS is an ACTION rpg… Its so satisfying to kill heartless after heartless, Gaining levels and new abilities along the way. However I feel like there are almost too many specials and abilities. A lot of them I never use… like summons. There’s also all the special moves you can do with your followers, all of the spells and also the valor forms, which each can be leveled up to be stronger and have even more abilities for each. Its a lot of depth and each player has a lot of different ways to play.

The crafting system makes a return where you can use rare drops from enemies to craft usable items and also weapons and armor. Including the ultima weapon for Sora, save the king for Goofy and save the queen for Donald.

Other Thoughts

The worlds are varied and you get to revisit some worlds from the first game but some tend to feel like filler in between big events. You finally get to go to Disney castle! Hollow Bastion is completely different now. Final fantasy characters make a return as well as a few new ones. The Colosseum doesn’t hold tournaments anymore. I wont spoil the story but there are still tournaments in the game… in the underworld. However they don’t stack up to the epicness of the first games tournaments.

Not only does Sora and the gang have to fight the heartless but there are also new enemies called Nobodies… Now This is where the game’s story gets complicated. If you were confused about what was going on in the first game… I’d recommend using the interwebs for help. I had to do it. I’ll admit it. It gets pretty confusing. And to add to the confusion, they made a spin off game on Gameboy that takes place in between the first and second game. They do their best to fill you in on what happened in the first few hours of the game but its not the same as experiencing it for yourself while playing through it. The series seems to be plagued by this nowadays… Spin off after spin off… WE JUST WANT KINGDOM HEARTS III. And we will get it eventually!


So should u play this game? that depends… did you like the 1st? then play it. Never played the 1st or didn’t like it? give it a shot anyways… the combat is a lot of fun. Copies on ps2 are pretty cheap and the HD version is out so GO PLAY IT.



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