[Review] Sly Cooper

The Thievius Raccoonus

Sly cooper and the Thevious Raccoonus came out in 2002 and was made by the company
Sucker punch. Its a stealth action platformer and I’m not sure if that’s a real genre but that’s what I’m calling it. You play as sly cooper, and his name best describes him. He’s a smooth talkin ladies man and also a “professional” thief. He gets help from his friends Bentley and Murray. Together they make the cooper gang.

Let’s Get Started

When sly was a young boy, five mysterious people, called the Klaw gang, came to his house and stole the Theiveous Racoonus, the cooper family book that had been passed down from generation to generation. It contains all the secrets on how to be a master thief. They split the book amongst them selves and disappeared, leaving sly to be dropped off at an orphanage.

Now sly is older and he wants the book back. But that’s not all… he wants revenge.

The controls are tight and work well. New players are guided through how to play the game through gameplay, which is the right way to do it. I hate how to play levels or tutorials, or even worse… just a screen that lists the controls. Games should be able to teach you how to play with out being complicated… so any one can play. When Bentley tells you how to do something he usually says something like “press the circle button next to blue oras”. and then sly will say ” cool I’ll just press the circle button”. I don’t know how sly can press a circle button… I always found that funny when games do that… it completely breaks immersion. and yes some people get immersed in cartoonish games like this. The voices they chose really fit the personalities of the characters.

Master Thief Moves

The gameplay is mostly running, jumping climbing and fighting, but its the environments and design of the levels that make the gameplay fun. Almost every game has these mechanics but only a few let you do them while sneaking through security, climbing like a racoon thief and using master thief moves. I love using the ninja spire, rail slide and running along skinny pipes and branches. These are unique gameplay mechanics and really give the game its character.

The game is like an arcade game in which you have lives and one hit deaths. You can pick up lucky charms to save you from dying and can stack two of them. In each of the five villain’s areas you have to go through each of the levels to collect their keys and unlock something in order to go fight them and get their pages of the book. That formula is repeated through each of the five villains but they are different enough to keep it from getting repetitive. Plus if you collect the clues in each of the levels and unlock the safes you get new moves to use. This also keeps the game fresh and fun. I recommend collecting them as you go through the levels rather than going back.

Other Thoughts

It’s all fun, the sneaking, the climbing, the fighting and the thieving, but one thing I always hated were the mini games… Now they’re not all bad but they are so challenging that they piss u off. But just enough to keep trying. again, and again, and again…

There’s also a time attack for each of the levels in the game and if u pass them you get to hear commentary for the level. IF u pass all of them you unlock a special behind the scenes video. These are hard as hellllllll. You will memorize every nook and cranny in the levels in order to find the fastest route. You’ll take every short cut and run past enemies and most of all… try again, and again and u get the idea.


The sales were initially poor when Sly Cooper came out because it was overshadowed by games like Ratchet and Clank, and also Jack and Daxter. But it still managed to sell around 400,000 copies in the first year. It also was good enough for Sony’s “greatest hits collection”. It was an underrated game when it came out, but Sly’s success was high enough for sucker punch to make 2 more sly games on the ps2.

Overall, its a great classic PS2 gem. Everyone who owns a ps2 should play this game. Its an essential part of any ps2 game collection, and one of my all time favorites.

Go play it!


*This review was made a few years ago, on my old Youtube channel.




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