[Review] Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


Konami teamed up with PlatinumGames to bring us a spin off Metal Gear Solid game called: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance; a hack n’ slash action game that’s fast paced and bad ass. The game will let you cut almost anything into tons of tiny pieces!

You play as Raiden, a cyborg ninja with a dark past. Him and his team are trying to stop this organization that’s trying to use the brains of kidnapped children to create super child soldiers with cybernetic bodies, like Raiden. Being a former child soldier himself, Raiden has a big problem with this.

Let’s Get Started

The combat is fun and for the most part smooth. It took me a while to get used to the controls though. You have your normal controls for moving and attacking but to block, you press square + analog stick toward the enemy at the right moment when they attack. My brain automatically thinks hold the block button while the enemy attacks, because of playing so much God of War and other games like it. To dodge, you press square and x + a direction, again not what you would think dodge would be. These two controls make it challenging at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. The game makes sure you get used to it at an early boss battle with Bladewolf, where you’re forced to master the block and dodge techniques in order to win.


One of the selling points of the game is the ability to control your hacking and slashing with the blade mode. Its a mode that slows down time and lets you control where and what angle you want to slice with the analog sticks. If you cut at the right spot on your enemy, you get a prompt on screen to press a button and Raiden reaches in, and pulls out their spine; crushing it in his hand and absorbing its energy. It’s called zandatsu. Believe me its brutally awesome. I never got tired of it.

After missions you get a chance to spend earned points to upgrade Raiden’s cybernetic body and weapons. This system seems to find its way into so many games i play. It’s a good system that lets you, sort of, depending on how in depth it is, build your character the way you want. But why so many games? Think about it… did you spend rupees to increase Link’s health or sword skill? Or spend coins to improve Mario’s run speed or jump skill? Or make Sly +20% harder to detect while sneaking? Did you spend Munny to purchase more keychains for Sora? I’m getting way off track… There is also the Ripper Mode where, like in many other games, Raiden gets stronger and does more damage for a short period of time. It’s meant to help you out of tight spots. Its fun to use but I didn’t use it very much. I absolutely hated the gorilla like enemies, not sure what they’re called. They’re no fun to fight.

The Boss Battles

The boss battles are really fun to play but some I never really figured out. I just kinda stuck with it until I finally killed them. The duel with Sam is a serious highlight. The game sets you up for this epic moment with how the story starts out, with Sam overpowering Raiden and almost killing him. But It’s REALLY hard. It took me so many tries to finally beat him. Same thing with the final boss; very hard.

They make some references to Raiden’s past and events that happened in older Metal Gear Solid games but for the most part you don’t need to know that to understand and enjoy the story. Just understand that Raiden was forced to be a child soldier and he was very good at it… He started to enjoy it.


It took me about 7 hours to complete all the story missions. I unlocked some new items you can use on another play through and i missed 3 of the VR missions. Plus i haven’t tried out any of the VR missions so i have good reasons to play through it again. Overall its a lot of fun, i enjoyed it a lot. Go play it!




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