[Review] Demon’s Souls

So, I’ve never been a glutton for punishment.

I’m not someone who will play through a game a second time to try the “Hard Mode”. And I would always get discouraged when the game makes me re-do something I’ve already done. Kinda the reason why I’m not very good at NES games. They’re too tough as nails and unforgiving. I don’t know maybe, I’m a victim of modern games holding your hand. But then I started playing Demon’s Souls. This game is the “Hard Mode”. It makes you go back to the start of a level when you die, and it is definitely tough as nails and unforgiving. So why did I keep playing? Why did I try over and over again until I finally thrusted my bastard sword +4 through the heart of Old King Allant?  Because of one thing: Accomplishment.

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So I Just Beat Dark Souls

So I just beat Dark Souls and I feel kinda proud of myself. This is a notoriously difficult game and now I can say that I beat it. I had the patience, the skill and the strategy to win. This is a big deal for me because I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the greatest at video games. I make lots of mistakes and I’m far from perfect but believe it or not I think that’s why I was able to finish the game. Yes its difficult and punishing, (nothing like loosing a large amount of souls to a cheap death, getting one shotted, falling off something, wonky physics) but I was always able to just try again, or try another way, or form a new strategy, or look one up, if I was stuck. There is no penalty for how many times you die and try again. Normally I don’t like re doing levels over again, or being sent back to the start, like old school games, but for Dark souls… I didn’t mind it. It was the appeal of the reward and the feeling of accomplishment that kept me going. So I wanted to write down a few of my thoughts on it and also Demon’s Souls (Which I still haven’t beaten yet, working on it now).

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[Review] Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Band of Thieves

After the success of the first Sly Cooper game, Sucker Punch decided to go in a new direction with Sly 2. They expanded on the gameplay and designed the game in a completely new style; open world. I’m not sure what made them try a new style with a new Sly game but it worked so well that every Sly game since uses the formula started with Sly 2. After all, they could have just made Sly 2 another adventure platforming game, but no they decided to expand upon all aspects of the already great game that they started with. And it worked perfectly.

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Graphics vs. Gameplay

graphicsvsgameplaypaper copy

Graphics vs. Gameplay

From classic text only games to modern realistic interactive stories, the video game industry has grown immensely since its inception.  But, what makes a good video game?  A good video game is one that is fun and entertaining.  Developers achieve this by designing fun and challenging game play, not fancy graphics alone.  Graphics play a major role in games, especially with modern games, but a game will not succeed on pretty visuals alone.

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[Review] Viking: Battle for Asgard

Skarin, the Viking Warrior

You know sometimes an overlooked or underrated game can turn out to be pretty good. You can understand why its underrated, maybe because of some important but easy to get over flaws, but If you go into it willing to overlook some flaws and keep an open mind, you can have a lot of fun. And usually these games are cheaper too! Viking: Battle for Asgard is one of these games. I’m a huge fan of action games with a fantasy setting, and I came across this one while looking for new games to play on my ps3. The combats kinda clunky until you get used to it, and it lacks some “polish” in some areas but I still really enjoy this game.

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