[Review] Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Band of Thieves

After the success of the first Sly Cooper game, Sucker Punch decided to go in a new direction with Sly 2. They expanded on the gameplay and designed the game in a completely new style; open world. I’m not sure what made them try a new style with a new Sly game but it worked so well that every Sly game since uses the formula started with Sly 2. After all, they could have just made Sly 2 another adventure platforming game, but no they decided to expand upon all aspects of the already great game that they started with. And it worked perfectly.

Let’s Get Started

So its been two years since Sly and his gang stole back the pages of the Thievious Raccoonus, and now this gang of criminals known as “The Klaw Gang” stole the remains of Clockwerk that Interpol recovered. Each member uses the part or parts that they have for their own personal gains. Sly’s worried that without all the parts under lock and key at Interpol, they will be somehow put back together and Clockwerk will be back for revenge. So Sly and the gang decide to steal all the parts back. The story is told through animated cut scenes just like the first game.

Together they always get the job done

This time around you get to play as not only Sly, but also as Bentley and Murray. Each character has specific strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly specific tasks they can do. For instance Bentley uses gadgets and bombs, he hacks computers and comes up with the master plans, but isn’t much of a fighter. Sly does the thieving and sneaking, and some fighting but doesn’t use gadgets or hacks computers. Murray is the muscle of the group. He does the heavy fighting and is the strongest character. But doesn’t sneak well and isn’t all that smart. However, together they always get the job done. Bentley uses their strengths to assign jobs to each character during the heists. These are marked in the sky with a symbol of the characters face. Each job is supposed to be preparation for the main heist of stealing the Clockwerk part for that level.

Each member of the Klaw gang has an interesting history and reason for using parts from Clockwerk. The characters are colorful and believable, and once again the voice acting fits them perfectly.

Thief Net

Sly and Bentley can pick pocket guards and sell the items for coin on thief net; the game’s version of the black market. Every guard can be pick pocketed but the ones with shinny back pockets have more valuable Items. There are also items like art work, ancient artifacts and pottery that you can steal and sell, but its not easy because you have to carry them back to the safe house unharmed. Some of them even have time limits.

Once you collect a bunch of coins you can use them for buying new moves and gadgets for each of the characters on Bentley’s computer. This makes fighting, or not fighting, a lot easier and adds welcome variety to the gameplay. The clue bottles make a return in Sly 2, and if you collect them all, you get to unlock the villain’s personal safe. Inside you find a new upgrade.

The environments are designed beautifully. You can run through the streets avoiding guard’s lights or you can jump from roof top to roof top, climbing, rope walking and sneaking your way around. Its a lot of fun navigating the open area, stealthily taking out guards, collecting clue bottles, and doing jobs. The open world style of the gameplay really adds to the feeling of being a thief that you get when playing.

So, final verdict: is it worth playing?

Yes, it is definitely worth playing. If you liked the first one I guarantee you’ll like the second. They improved on the first game in every single way… however, having said that, My favorite of the series is the first. It might just be because of the nostalgia but the first is my favorite. Anyways go play it. Pick it up if u don’t already have it, its cheap on ps2 or you can always get the HD sly collection on ps3.


*This review and video was made in 2013.




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