[Quick Review] Grimstorm

Grimstorm is a game you can download and play right now for free.

This is what I’d imagine Dark Souls would be like if it came out in the 80s for the NES. It’s heavily inspired by the Souls games as you can tell by the first enemy you’ll encounter. The game is hard, but it is fair.

You’ve got a basic attack, you can hold up your shield, and if you jump and attack you do a downward thrusting attack. There’s no instructions or help so It took me a bit to figure out the controls. Also there’s no controller support. I wish it did, I would enjoy playing this game more with a controller, Or at lest let me change the key mapping.

Grimstorm 2016-04-18 10-16-15-20.avi_000216247

UGHHH the first guy is hard. I can’t get past him without taking a bunch of damage. You have to try and catch him off guard somehow. Then, when you kill him and go to the next screen you run into an archer.

Grimstorm 2016-04-18 10-16-15-20.avi_000263738

So you immediately hold up your shield… but he won’t shoot till you lower it. I just ran past him and pulled the lever to drop the ladder.

Grimstorm 2016-04-18 10-22-47-42.avi_000199401

Now I’m climbing up this ladder to the next screen and …Wow that’s a big guy. Still climbing to the next screen.

Grimstorm 2016-04-18 10-22-47-42.avi_000203705

Oh boy… another archer. Maybe I can run up and kill him before he shoots …AGGGH!

Grimstorm 2016-04-18 10-16-15-20.avi_000082042

Back at the camp. Well you get the idea.

The graphics are a fantastic, colorful 8-bit style and the music is memorable. For a game made by one person, this is awesome. You should go play it.

You can download it here: http://gamejolt.com/games/grimstorm/59563



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