[Review] Deadlight


Deadlight is a stylized 2.5d zombie survival platformer.

Actually they refer to the zombies as “shadows”, but anyways, You play as Randy, a man looking for his family. You start off being separated from your group, and that’s where the game starts. At first you are unarmed and your only means of protection is running. Eventually you’ll find an axe and also a few different guns.

The axe is a good melee weapon. Besides bashing in the shadow’s skulls, It can also be used to break off locks on doors and to push enemies back. Its good for a few shadows at a time but if there’s a large group after you its best to just run… or use your gun if u have one. When your using the gun its best to conserve ammo and use the axe if u can..

Fighting can be kind of awkward at times,

its hard to explain but you can’t just go running and slashing your way through everything. You have to think, and plan out your moves, and ya gotta watch your stamina bar. It goes down every time you swing the axe. Once your out of stamina you cant do anything and you’ll be vulnerable. Shooting is fun and a very effective means of protection, but like i said earlier you only have so much ammo. The shotgun is my favorite weapon. Its so satisfying.

The story is told through comic book like cut scenes and through Randy narrating during the gameplay. There’s nothing that you haven’t really seen before in other zombie stories but its done well and kept my interest. Except I didn’t like the ending! I wont spoil it for you though. Through out the game you examine clues and other objects laying around to get more of the story and you can also find supplies.

The art style and environments you go through are amazing.

They really make me want to explore everywhere. Sometimes its not very clear where to go or how to get to the next area though. But after a few tries you’ll figure it out.

Its 15 bucks on steam. I got it during a steam sale for really cheap. Its also on Xbox Live arcade. Aside from the sometimes awkward combat, I really don’t have any other complaints. I really enjoyed Deadlight and if your a fan of zombie survival games, you should check it out.



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