[Review] Path of Shadows

Today were looking at a game called path of shadows.

Its a game made by 5 college students from Spain. You play as an inhuman assassin who gains the power to control shadows. Your goal is to rescue the mysterious goddess who granted you these powers from a temple fortress.

The first level acts as a tutorial, teaching you the controls and mechanics. This is how I like to learn a game. Through playing it. There’s clues in the world to help you along the way and the goddess also helps you out. The long scarf coming off the guy is your power bar. I think its a really creative way to show your power, instead of a bar on the screen. It takes power to use your powers. <derp>

Your newly acquired powers include transporting into the shadows,

creating shadows on the ground, and sinking the bodies of your victims into the dark depths of the shadows. So after you’ve learned how to play, and slaughtered all the guards, its on the the next level. which the goddess tells you should be a worth test for your new skills.

The rest of the game you go through the level stealthily taking out guards and sneaking in the shadows until you get to the exit. Its kinda short being only a hand full of levels but it’s pretty substantial for a student project. and of course being a student project you can expect a few bugs here and there. I didn’t run into too many though. I gotta say, I really like the art style and atmosphere. You should go play it. It’s free!

So just recently I found out that they are in the process of making another game based on this one. It’s called Aragami and it’s supposed to come out sometime 2016 on PS4 and Steam. Looks awesome.

UPDATE: Released Oct 4, 2016 on steam.

Get Path of Shadows. -or- here.
Check out Aragami.



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