[Review] God of War

“You are Kratos and you will murder the god of war.”

God of rawr is an over the top, brutal action game on ps2. Guaranteed you’ve heard of it. Or at least have seen Kratos’ red and white mug. It’s ONE of Sony’s biggest franchises, and I love it. So I wanna talk about it for a bit.

For those who don’t know, God of war was made by Santa Monica Studios and really popularized quick time events in action games. The back of the box says: “You are Kratos and you will murder the god of war.” Basically Kratos was an unstoppable general in the spartan army but one day he found him self about to be struck down, when he called out to Aries, the god of war, saying that if he saves him, he will give his life to the god and be his champion. So Kratos faithfully serves the gods for 10 years, but eventually grows tired of all the killing, and he wants out. Athena tells him to go kill her brother Aries as his final task for the gods.

The game starts with our (anti)hero stepping off of a ledge with the narrator saying that death is his only escape. What a way to start a game… The main character trying to kill himself. The first level gives you a taste of the basic combat and a feel for how the game is played. It’s a learning level with a boss at the end but doesn’t feel like a tutorial level.

Kratos wields two short jagged blades attached to chains that wrap around his arms. He flails them around slashing through his enemies… how cool is that?

The combat is simple with light and heavy attacks that you can chain into combos. You can also guard and punish enemies. The controls are spot on and tight. You spend red orbs to upgrade your equipment and you are rewarded with new combos. The green orbs and chests give you health while blue gives you magic. Pretty simple. There’s also gorgon eyes which increase your health, and phoenix feathers which increase your magic. You’ll find these items in chests along your way, some hidden, some not. Along the way the gods of Olympus will give you powers which require magic, for example Zeus gives you lighting bolts you can throw at far away enemies.

Yeah you know what QTE’s are.

So like I said, God of War really popularized quick time events because when you’ve done enough damage,  an “O” will appear above most enemies’ heads which allows you to do a take down move where you are given an on screen instruction to press a button at a certain time, and then Kratos will do an epic killing move… Yeah you know what QTE’s are. It’s fun and exciting to watch the first few times but sometimes it gets old seeing the same animation play. Some variety would be nice. Also, sometimes when you’re trying to do the kill move, Kratos will try to grab the wrong enemy when there are a group around you. The enemies are varied and fun to fight. When you are introduced to a new enemy the game will send one at you so you can get used to it, then when you kill it, three more will appear!

It’s brutal and violent, and soo much fun.

I really like the in between sections where its quieter and Kratos has to do some platforming or a puzzle or something. It keeps the right pacing for the game. If its too much action all the time, It’ll just get boring and repetitive. Thankfully it doesn’t. There’s always something new thrown at you. I also really like how everything Kratos does is epic. From the way he opens chests, opens doors, pulls levers, its all in an over the top way. But for some reason, it never feels cheezy.

It’s a PS2 classic. Seriously, if you like fantasy action games, PLAY IT, if you haven’t yet. Copies for PS2 are pretty cheap and there’s also the HD versions of the games on PS3.



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