Fast!!! The Saboteur

The Saboteur was the last game made by Pandemic Studios before shutting down.

It’s an open world third person action game during World War II. You play as Sean Devlin an Irish race car driver who was cheated out of a win by a Nazi colonel. So Sean and his best friend seek revenge by sabotaging his prized race car but end up being captured and the Colonel kills Sean’s friend, Jules because he thinks they are British spies. Sean manages to escape and ends up joining a french resistance where he helps liberate a German occupied France and ultimately seek revenge on the Colonel who murdered Jules.

The gameplay consists of running around the map doing story missions, liberating areas of the city and literally bringing bold and vibrant color back to the areas. When an area is under German control its in black and white with some red accents. As Sean fights and eliminates German control, he inspires the locals and rebels to fight back and the color comes back to the area. There’s third person shooting, hand to hand fighting, sneaking and infiltrating bases, driving and lots of open world silliness. It has the usual character upgrades. Side missions and a pretty cool art style. And plenty of sabotaging. oh and one terrible drummer… Sorry I’m a drummer myself and can’t help but notice these things.

The game’s film noir-ish style is pretty cool with the black and white and color elements plus the story and world are believable and memorable. The graphics are pretty good for the time and all in all its a lot of fun. You should go check it out!



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