Mobile Fighter G Gundam Blue-ray Box Set

Ggundamblueray copy

Mobile Fighter G Gundam is getting an HD Blue-ray release box set! But as far as I can tell, it’s only in japan. The episodes are split into two box sets each costing 34,000 yen, that’s about $312 US dollars if you import it! The first one comes out Sept 23, and Nov 25 for the second one.

They need to give the series the same treatment in the states with the option for English dub, subtitles etc. and a reasonable price. I hope they decide to re-release the series in the states again because if your like me and …

  1.  like anime and G Gundam
  2.  like to own physical copies of things
  3.  don’t want to pay the outrageous prices for the out of print US dvd releases
  4. or
  5.  don’t want to buy an unofficial bootleg dvd collection.

Your screwed. Kinda… I also read that “Sunrise announced they will be releasing all of the Gundam franchise, including G Gundam in North America though distribution from Right Stuf Inc., beginning in Spring 2015.”

I haven’t been able to find anything more than that. I’d really like to know more details! It’s summer 2016. Is this still going to happen? We’ll see.

Btw, has anyone been watching Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans on Toonami? Because you should be!



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