Meet the Cooper Gang

The Cooper clan is a long line of infamous, honorable master thieves with Sly Cooper being the only remaining member. Sly learned the ways of thieving from his father, Connor Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus, a book of secrets and techniques written by every one of Sly’s ancestors.

Sly Cooper

Sly started his Cooper gang at a young age when his father was killed trying to fight off a group of criminals called the Fiendish Five who broke into their house and stole the Thievius Raccoonus. They hoped that without the famous book, Sly would never become a master thief, ending the Cooper Clan. But Sly was determined to become a master thief. He took what he learned on his own and from his father and stole back the sections of the book that the members of the Fiendish Five stole and defeated Clockwerk, the Cooper Clan’s arch enemy. With the book fully restored, Sly became a master thief and started to record his own adventures in his section of the book, claiming he had the chance to earn the right to learn from the book.

Sly wields his famous family cane and uses a variety of master thief moves. His role is to do all the sneaking and stealing. He has a complicated romantic relationship with Inspector Carmelita Fox, an inspector for Interpol who chases them around the globe, and has even sometimes helped them.


So when Sly was left at the orphanage, he met his best friends and first members, Bentley and Murray. Bentley is a nearsighted turtle who is the “brains” of the gang. He comes up with all the master plans and feeds Sly with help and advice when he’s out in the field. Bentley didn’t begin working in the field until Sly 2 where he armed himself with bombs and a cross bow with sleep darts.  *SPOILER ALERT* Just about everybody knows this, but at the end of Sly 2, Bentley was paralyzed. In Sly 3, Bentley built his own wheel chair complete with all his gadgets. He learned to pick pocket with a magnet on a string and can fly momentarily with the rockets attached to his chair.


Murray is a big brawny hippo. He’s the muscle and the getaway driver. In Sly 2, Murray changes from a clumsy scared hippo to a brave, strong fighter. He wields his fists and uses is thunder flop to take care of enemies. In the beginning of Sly 3, Murray felt that Bentley’s paralysis was his fault and gave up fighting. He left the gang and started to study with The Guru. Eventually Sly and Bentley convince him to come back to the gang.

Other Members

In the third game, the Cooper Gang gained a number of new members in order to help sly gain access to the Cooper Family Vault. These new members included the Guru, a shaman who can posses those with a weak mind and control them, Penelope, an RC master who has a romantic relationship with Bentley, but *SPOILER ALERT* ended up betraying Bentley and the gang, The Panda King, a former member of the Fiendish Five who is a demolitions expert from china, Dimitri, a lounge lizard and former member of the Klaww Gang and last but not least, Carmelita Fox.

For some reason, these members are only considered temporary members of the gang for they were only included in Sly 3. In the most recent game, Thieves in Time, these characters aren’t considered members. However Dimitri and Carmelita do make appearances and help them in some way.  I’m guessing that after the events of the third game, the members went their own ways with Sly, Bentley and Murray sticking together.

In Sly Cooper Thieves In Time, Sly and the gang recruit the help of some of Sly’s ancestors by time traveling. Next time we’ll talk about Sly’s ancestors.





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