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Holy crap there’s a new Sonic game coming out that actually looks good!

Sonic mania is a throw back to the classic 16 bit Sonic games on Sega Genesis. Its 2D side scroller with pixel art sprites and it looks great. Seriously take a look at the trailer. Can you tell I’m excited?



Graphics vs. Gameplay

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Graphics vs. Gameplay

From classic text only games to modern realistic interactive stories, the video game industry has grown immensely since its inception.  But, what makes a good video game?  A good video game is one that is fun and entertaining.  Developers achieve this by designing fun and challenging game play, not fancy graphics alone.  Graphics play a major role in games, especially with modern games, but a game will not succeed on pretty visuals alone.

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Why We Play

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What is it about video games that make us so addicted to them?

Video Games: A form of media that used to be exclusive to people labeled as “geeks” or “nerds”. People who were playing pong on their Atari’s in their bedrooms were considered un-cool. Since then, gaming has exploded into the mass media and just about everybody plays games in one form or another. So, why the shift in popularity?

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Dead Online Only Games


I saw this recently at my local wally mart, and thought to myself, “You can’t play this game anymore! They shut down the servers.” Wally mart doesn’t care enough to know that you can’t play this game anymore. They should take it off the shelf or mark it down heavily. I would have picked it up for a few bucks just to sit on my shelf. I actually liked Age of Empires Online a lot. Too bad it was online only.

I’m not a fan of online only games, because years later when the company decides its not worth keeping the servers up the game becomes dead and nobody can play it.  Titanfall, Evolve, and the new Star Wars Battlefront are games like this. You won’t be able to come back to them in 10 years if you wanted to revisit them. Maybe I’m the only one who likes the idea of being able to still use what I payed for years later…