Short Reviews

From now on I will try to write a short review of any game i finish.  I’ll keep a notebook to write down my thoughts because I know I’ll forget by the time i finish a game.  I tend to take a long time to finish because I only get to play games a few hours a day. I’m just too busy.


[#1 ] Sal Val finds


Going to the sal val today was a good idea. Among the tons of old sports games nobody wants anymore were 3 real games: Rainbow Six, Spec-Ops: Covert Assult, and The Italian Job.  I also found the diablo II expansion: Lord of Destruction with the play disc for the base game inside instead, and a sealed brand new copy of the Oblivion expansion: Knights of the Nine!

Pretty good day for game hunting.

For more thrift store game hunting, I highly recommend Lazy Game Revew’s “LGR Thrifts” series on youtube.

 Also Pat The NES Punk’s Flea “Market Madness”