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Mobile Fighter G Gundam Blue-ray Box Set

Ggundamblueray copy

Mobile Fighter G Gundam is getting an HD Blue-ray release box set! But as far as I can tell, it’s only in japan. The episodes are split into two box sets each costing 34,000 yen, that’s about $312 US dollars if you import it! The first one comes out Sept 23, and Nov 25 for the second one.

They need to give the series the same treatment in the states with the option for English dub, subtitles etc. and a reasonable price. I hope they decide to re-release the series in the states again because if your like me and …

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[#3 ] Sal Val Finds

Sorry for the lack of posts. I decided to sum up my last few thrift store outings in one post. I know I already showed those 3 ps1 games, I forgot and I’m too lazy to take another picture.


Probably the biggest bargain I got was season one of the Big Bang Theory. Its complete and looks brand new. I only payed $3.99! I’m such a huge fan of Frankenstein, I had to get the vhs. Sudeki was a game I saw there a few times and nobody picked it up so i decided to give it a try. Its a pretty fun game that’s a Jrpg even though it was made in the UK. I’ve seen worse pc ports. It was a pain to install like most older pc games and it severely needs controller support. I’d recommend getting the steam version if you want to play it. I also got Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and 4 on this weird combo pack. I haven’t tried it out yet. Last but not least I picked up a PS1 at a goodwill for 5 bucks! I’ve always wanted one but couldn’t justify buying it because ive got my ps2 and ps3 that play ps1 games. When i saw it for 10 bucks during a half off sale I couldn’t resist.